Coffee & Tea


1 Antigua: A district of Guatemala which grows arabica coffees in the highest altitudes in the world. These hard bean coffees are aromatic, lively and acidic but perfect in balance with a spicy flavor and heavy body.

2 Jamaica: Known for its Blue Mountain region which produces some of the world's most expensive and sought after beans. Classic coffee: exquisite characteristics; rich flavor and aroma with moderate acidity and even balance.

3 Brazil: Brazil Produces, mainly arabicas for use in blending. Brazil Santos is medium bodied with moderate acidity good for combining with other coffees.

4. Celebes: Produced on the island of Sulaweisi, this gourmet coffee is famous around the world. It is characterized by a rich, heavy body and a full, mild, lightly acidic flavor.

5. Columbia: Famous for its classic "Supremo" with a rich, full flavor and pleasing aroma. A great blender with dark roasts.

6 Costa Rica: Among the best of the the "European prepared" coffees. Costa Rican green beans have all of the most desirable qualities.

7 El Salvador: produces round, full bodied coffees used mostly in blending.

8 Ethiopia: Ethiopian coffee has a wild, exotic taste with a sharp, tangy, acidic quality.

9 Guatemala: Produces coffee that is aromatic, lively and acidic.

10 Hawaii: The coffee producing district of Hawaii is Kono which grows a medium bodied coffee with a hint of cinnamon and cloves and is extremely aromatic.

11 Honduras: produces mild flavored coffee used in blending.

12 Indonesia (Java and Sumatra) : Java coffee is strong and full-bodied. Sumatran is heavier and more exotic in flavor.

13 Kenya: Known for its rich elegance; full bodied and intense in flavor, particularly those beans grown in the western mountains.

14 Mexico: Produces sweet coffee of medium acidity with smooth body and flavor.

15 Mocha: Technically applies only to coffees from the Arabian peninsula, this is also used to denote d coffee with undertones of chocolate flavor. A very distinctive coffee.

16 Nicaragua: Mild, coffee with good acidity used exclusively in blending.

17 Panama: Produces a high quality coffee with good acidity, heavy body and mild flavor. Try La Florentine.

18 Peru: Coffee known for its balanced acidity, body and flavor.

19 Yemen: Produces natural coffee referred to as mocha which is unique, bitter, chocolaty.

20 Zimbabwe: A fine coffee of African origin, characterized by a clean, lightly acidic taste.

Deamer 11/19/96