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Root Vegetables


Salsify is a rather unattractive root vegetable that resembles a very long, very thin parsnip. By the fullest stretch of the imagination, the flavor of salsify is supposed to be similar to that of oysters.

If we were to tally the least-used vegetable, salsify would come close to the head of the list. Before World War II, salsify was a fairly common sight in many produce markets. It was usually available early in fall and throughout the winter. Even though it was rather modest in cost, it didn't sell too well because of the length of time it took to prepare it properly. Possibly the biggest damper on its sale was the complaint that if rubber gloves weren't used in its preparation, the hands of the cook would be badly stained. Until about 1975, salsify was all but extinct. Although not available in produce stores, some was grown in home gardens. Today, salsify is making a slight comeback. Occasionally it is found in some in some gourmet fruit shops and in the more posh supermarkets. Some is imported from Belgium and Holland. It now carries a lofty price tag.

Deamer 5/97