Mushroom Nutrition

From a nutritional standpoint, fresh mushrooms are very much a "foodfor the 90's" in that they are so low in, or free from, many of thesubstances we are trying to avoid today.

They are: low in calories (only 20 for five medium-sized white mushrooms);fat free; cholesterol-free; and sodium-free. In addition, they are highin riboflavin (as much as an eight ounce glass of milk) and contain as muchfiber as a serving of lettuce (1/6 of a medium head) or 1 medium tomato.They are also a good source of niacin, pantothenate and copper.

This means that you can add the flavor and versatility of fresh mushroomsto any dish without adding fat or calories to it!

Nutritional information provided by The Mushroom Council; 2200-B DouglasBlvd., Suite 220, Roseville, CA, 95661.

Deamer 11/19/96

Deamer 11/19/96