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Every second, somewhere in the world, someone opens a bottle of MartellCognac. Only a quality control taken to extremes could possibly producesuch devotion.. That is the tradition of Martell.

Martell is a "4 Crus" Cognac. A traditional distillation, blendingthe different of the four great wine districts of the Charente. Grande Champagneand Petite Champagne produce vigour and strength, the Fins Bois add fullnesswhilst the Borderies complete the blend with "finesse" and "charm".However despite this individuality and "specialness" the Houseof Martell produces more than one (cognac.

Martell Three Star is straightforward, dashing and lively. Somepeople like to add water or soda, and you'll find it as the base of morethan one cocktail. It is treasured for "grande cuisine" the worldover.

Martell "Medaillon VSOP" is well balanced smooth; almostvelvety and has become
the great classic among Cognacs.

Martell "Cordon Bleu" shows a certain accomplishment thatcan only come from age.

Martell "Cordon Argent" has also been allowed to take itstime and likes to be lingered over.

Martell "Extra" is the peak of perfection.