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The House of Blandy's Madeiras is one of the many brands producing Madeira from that famous Island off the North African Coast. Blandy's is widely regarded as the very best. There are 5 types of Madiera: The basic Rainwater, the very dry Sercial, off-dry Verdelho, medium sweet Bual, and sweet Malmsey. Also, there are vintage Madeiras and of course nonvintage Madeiras. Madeiras are fortified wines, ie., neutral spirit is added to them, and they are then heated which allow them to never spoil. The brown color is the result of this heating. The wines will last indefinitely much like a whiskey.

There is much legend which goes with Madiera. Madiera was the choice for the American colonists. Drinking Madiera was a way of sticking it to the English masters. Before the Revolution of 1776 all European wine had to be shipped on English ships through English ports. Madiera was deemed to be in Africa and was not under these rules. By the end of the 17th Century the only wine sold in America was Madiera. Madiera had other favored properties for the colonists as well. Ink was in short supply during this time period. The Declaration of Independence was written in ink stretched with madieria and the actual signing was toasted with it. Thomas Jefferson and George Washington regularly consumed a liter a day even during battle!

Blandy's Bual
Bual is a medium sweet Madeira that is perfect with the traditional
after dinner cheese course. The color is russet to dark, has a
distinctive bouquet and the flavors are nut, spice, and caramel.
Bual is often consumed after dinner much like a port.

Blandy's Malmsey
Malsmey is a dessert wine type of Madeira. The flavors are sweeter
and more generous than Bual. The colors are similar while the
bouquet is richer. Malsmey also has the same basic nut, spice,
caramel flavors as Bual, but has far more body. Malsmey will go with any dessert, especially cake or even ice cream, a rare feat. Malsmey is also consumed after dinner much like a porto.

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