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Quady Starboard Batch 88- Starboard is one of the best Calitornia Ports available. It is a lush,rich ruby, with intense red berry flavors.

Cockburn 10 YR, Tawny - A fine example of a tawny port, Light brick coloredwith a soft, slightly dry, nutty flavor. Very pleasant.

Krohn Colhelta Late Bottled Vintage 1968 - A fine late-bottled port thatis in its prime and ready to drink. It has great substance, is wonderfullyfragrant with the scent of hazelnuts, heather and fruit. Fine characterand complexity makes this an exceptional after dinner spirit.

Sandeman Vintage 1977 - An outstanding port, 1977 was a spectacular vintageyear. Supple, ripe, rich, intensely. fruity in character with much complexity.Absolutely superb.

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