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Vodka is essentially neutral spirits distilled from various grains, potatoes,or beets. 'There are differences from country to country and producer toproducer, but it is whatever is the most available and economical. As withwhiskey, the grain (or potatoes or beets) is made into a mash. fermented,and then put through a continuous still. The distillates come off around190 proof and then may be fiItered through substances such as charcoal beforebeing diluted by distilled water Being almost entirely neutral, vodka isthe ultimate cocktail spirit as it takes on the flavor of the mixer.



Smirnoff - the leading brand in the United States. Smirnoff is ahigh quality, domestic product that is charcoal filtered. 80 proof.

Absolut - produced in Sweden and created for the export market, Absolutis a clean, very smooth vodka. (lnterestingly enough, the Swedes drink Aquavitand not vodka). 80 proof.

Absolut Peppar - spicy yet subtle, its pepper flavors are pronouncedand is the ultimate Bloody Mary vodka ("Pepper Mary"). 80 proof.

Absolut Citron - referred to as the "sprite" of vodkas.Subtle lemon-lime flavors make Citron a good introduction for the novicemartini-drinker. 80 proof.

Ketel one - produced in Holland by the Nolet family in the same distillationequipment since 1691, Ketel one is the only pot-distilled vodka available.Triple distilled, it makes the ultimate vodka martini. 80 proof.

Stolichnaya - the largest selling Russian export vodka. Stoli hasa smooth, almost silky body and a faint sweetness in the finish. 80 proof.

Stolichnaya Cristall - super-premium version of the above, ultra-smoothand crisp with a nice lingering finish. 80 proof.

Skyy - an American product made in America, Skyy's claim to the vodkamarket is that it is distilled four times, thus eliminating the headacheproducing congners that most spirits contain Skyy uses a continuous stilland the resultant product is very very neutral in flavor. 80 proof

Tanqueray Sterling - riding on the success and name of their gin,this is their entry in the premium vodka market. It is more viscous andoilier tasting than the other vodkas on Tarpy's list. It has developed asmall, loyal following. 80 proof.