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As a distinctive product of Canada, Canadian Whiskey is characteriziedby a delicate flavor and light body. Unlike government standards used forU.S. whiskey, Canadian distillers are given much latitude in producing theirproducts. There are no specifications for grain proportions, proofs, oraging in special cooperage. Canadian whiskey is made from cereal grain only,predominately corn along with rye, barley and wheat (higher in rye thanmost U.S. whiskey); distilled in continuous stills (production methods aresimilar to those used in making U.S. whiskey); aged at least 2 yrs beforethey can enter the U. S. market, however, most are aged 6 yrs or more.

Individuality in Canadian whiskey, like blended Scotch whisky, comes fromblending whiskies made from different grains, strengths, and ages togetheruntil just the right balance is achieved. The result is light, clean andmuted in flavor.

Canadian whiskey is classified as either "bulk" or bottled inCanada. The bulk, which is bottled in the U.S., has become a sign)ficantfactor here because consumers can get an imported whiskey at the price ofa domestic blend.

Houses/Canadian Whiskey

Seagrams 7 Crown - bulk produced by Seagrams of Canadaand bottled in America. Containing as many as 75 different whiskiesand neutral spirits, 7 Crown is aged for only 2 yrs.

Seagrams V.O. - literally Very Old, it is a 6 yr old blend with ahigh proportion of rye whiskey Smooth, bittersweet and well rounded on thepalate.

Crown Royal - a super-premium brand created by Sam Bronfman of Seagramsin 1939 to celebrate the visit of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth toCanada. It is aged 9-10 yprs. Medium-bodied, rich, subtle and smooth.

Canadian Club - the original Canadian Whiskey created by Hiram Walker.Aged 6 yrs, it has a dry, rye fruitiness and a crisp, faintly smoky finish.