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Irish Whiskey, very much a distinctive product of Ireland, is distilledin pot stills from a fermented mash of grain. Primarily malted and unmeltedbarley are used in the mash as well as corn, rye, wheat and oats. However,unlike malt scotches, Irish lacks the peaty, smoky quality of Scotchbecause the malt is dried in kilns, without the smoke permeating the grain.

Irish Whiskey is distilled 3 times, while most other whiskies are distilledtwice. The third distillation is said to produce a different whiskey.

In the 60's the Irish began blending their whiskies. They now produce awide range of whiskies, which they characterize as light, medium and heavy,with grain whiskey. In the U.S. the trend has been toward a lighter IrishWhiskey.

Irish is aged in seasoned oak casks for at least 4 yrs but the average agefor most Irish is between 5 and 6 yrs old.

Houses/Irish Whiskey

Bushmills - the oldest licensed distillery in the world(1608). The whiskey is pot and continuous distilled and is comprised ofboth grain and malt whiskies. The result is a blend of malty sweetness andperfumy dryness.

Bushmills 10 yr Single Malt - made from 100% malted Irish barley.Triple distilled in pot stills which produces a more refined, smoother andmellower product than blended Irish Whiskey. Rich, heavy-bodied, slightlysweet and spicy with a long, smooth finish.

Jameson 1780 - a super premium 12 yr old blend. Distillcd in potstills, Jameson is rich, complex, smooth and elegant. This puts the "Very"in a Very Irish coffee drink.