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Most highly noted in Alsace, this variety produces very aromatic wines, often described as spicy. Its complex bouquet can range from grapey muskiness to pepper spice. Originally from the Pfalz region in Germany, the Gewurztraminer was introduced into Alsace after 1871. It has been successfully transplanted as far afield as South Africa and California, where its characteristics are softer.
Synonyms: Cbristkindltraube, Clevner Dreimanner Drumin, Edeltraube, Fermin rouge, Flaischweiner, Frankisch, Frenscher, Fromenteau rouge, Fuszeres, Gentilduret rouge, Gris rouge, Haiden, Heida, Klavner, Kleinweiner, Mala dinka, Liwora , Pinat cervena, Ptinc cerveny Ranfoliza, Rdeci traminac, Rotclevner, Rotedel, Roter nurnberger, Roter traminer, Rotfranke, Rousselet, Rusa, Savagnin rose, Termeno aromatico, Traminac, Traminac creveni, Traminer, Traminer aromatico, Traminer aromatique, Traminer musque, Traminer parfume, Traminer rose, Traminer rosso, Traminer roz, Traminer rozovy, Tramini, Tramini piros