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A family name for numerous related varieties, sub-varieties and localized clones of the same variety all of which have a distinctive musky aroma and a pronounced grapey flavor. The wines produced range from dry to sweet, still to sparkling and fortified.

MUSCAT A PETITS GRAINS There are two versions of this variety - the Muscat blanc a peats grains and the Muscat rose a peats grains - and some vines chat seem to produce a motley crop somewhere in between the two. Where one is cultivated it is common to find the ocher "rowing close by or intermingled. The two greatest products produced by peats grains are the dry wines of Alsace and the sweet and lightly fortified Muscat de Beaumes de Venise, though the production of the former variety is giving way to the Muscat ottonel.
Synonyms for the Muscat blanc petits grains: Brown muscat, Frontignac, Gelber muscatel, Gelber muscateller, Gelber muskatel, Gelber muskateller, Moscata, Moscata bianca, Muscatel, Moscatel dorado, Moscatel de grano menudo, Moscatel menudo bianco, Moscatello, Moscatello bianco, Moscato, Moscato d'Asti, Moscato di Canelli, Muscatel, Muscatel branco, Muscateller, Muscat, Muscat Cknelli, Muscat dore, Muscat d Alsace, Muscat Canelli, Muscat de Frontignan, Muscat core de Frontignan, Muskat, Muskateller; Muskotaly Muskuti, Sargamuskotaly, Tamyanka, Weisse muskateller, Weiss musketraube, Weissemuskateller, White Frontignan, Zuti muscat, Beli muscat
Synonyms for the Muscat rose d petits grains: Moscatel rose, Muscat d'Alsace, Muscat rose a petits grains d'Alsace, Rotter muscateller, Rotter muskateller


An extremely important grape in South Africa, where it makes mostly sweet but some dry, wines. In France it is responsible for the fortified wine Muscat de Rivesaltes (a very tiny production of unfortified dry Muscat is also made in Rivesaltes), and the grape is also used for both wine and raisin production in California.
Synonyms: Gordo blanco, Hanepoot, Iskendiriye misketi, Lexia, Moscatel, Moscatel de Alejandria, Moscatel gordo, Moscatel gordo blanco, Moscatel de Malaga, Moscatel romano, Moscatel samso, Moscatel de Setubal, Muscat bianco, Muscat roumain Muscatel, Panse musquee, Zibibbo

MUSCAT OTTONEL An east European variety which, because of its relative hardiness, is replacing the Muscat a petits grains in Alsace.
Synonyms: Muscadel ottonel, Muskotaly