The classic German grape variety Although other German grapes and crosses can make good commercial wines, the Riesling, if properly handled, produces a wine of such tremendous fruit acidity ratio that it is in a different class. It is light in body and low in alcohol, yet intensely flavored and very long lived. With some bottle age, the finest Rieslings develop a vivid and zesty bouquet that may be referred to as "petrolly". The grape's susceptibility to botrytis also makes it one of the most scintillating producers of intensely sweet wines.
Synonyms: Hocheimer, Johannisberger, Johannisberg riesling, Moselriesling, Mosel riesling, Petit rhin, Petit riesling, Rajinski rizling, Rajnai rizling, Reno, Rezlink, Rezlink rynsky, Rheingauer, Rheingau riesling, Rheinriesling, Rbein riesling, Rhine riesling Riesler, Rieslinger, Riesling du rhin, Riesling renano, Rislig rejnski, Rizling rajinski bijeli, Rynski rizling, Rossling, Weisser riesling, White riesling.