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Every Little Thing You Ever wanted To Know About Cigars

Americans smoked 3.5 BILLION cigars in 1996, second only to the Chinese.Most premium cigar smokers are men in their mid 40's. Fastest growing groupof premium cigar smokers is the 26-38 age group. As of May 1996 premiumcigar imports increased 51.25%!!

Growing Areas

1. Cuba
2. Honduras, very close in growing/soil conditions to Cuba.
3. Dominican Republic, currently the largest source of premium tobacco cigars.
4. Connecticut, World famous for their wrapper leaf
5. Jamaica
6. Cameroon

The Plant
Basic parts of a tobacco plant and how they are used
1. Ligero- The top- used mainly for binder & filler
2. Seco- The middle- used for filler &, wrapper
3. Volado- The bottom- used for filler & wrapper

Cigar Parts

1. Filler- The center portion of the cigar
2. Binder- Holds the filler together
3. Wrapper- Outer leaf of the cigar

Basics of Production

1. Harvest - Like grapes, when leaves are ready (color, oil level, etc.)They are picked
2. Curing- Leaves are hung in a barn (temperature & humidity controlled)& allowed to dry.
3. Fermentation- Leaves are dampened, aired & placed in a pile to fermentlike composting) ammonia & other impurities are released. Leaves areoften fermented more than once
4. Grading - By texture, color, etc. for use as a binder, filler, or wrapper
5. Stripping- Middle veins are cut out
6. Fermentation- To attain uniform color & extract more impurities,also lowers tar, acidity, & nicotine
7. Maturation- Up to 2 years

Basic Colors

1. Double Claro- greenish brown
2. Claro- very light brown
3. Colorado- the most popular, brown
4. Maduro- very dark brown
5. Oscuro- almost black

Basic Sizes
(length in inches x the size around - "ring gauge" (r.g.)
1. Gran Coronas- 9 1/4 x 47 r.g.
2. Double Coronas- 7 7/8 x 49 r.g.
3. Churchill- 7 x 47 r.g.
4. Pyramids/Torpedo 6 1/8 x 52 r.g.
5. Robusto - 5 x 50 r.g.
6. Lonsdale- 6 l/2 x 42 r.g.
7. Corona- 5 1/2 x 42 r.g.
8. Petite Corona- 5 x 42 r.g.
9. Panetela- 4 1/2 x 26 r.g.

Storing & Aging

1. Storing- Should be cedar lined, 70f, 70% humidity

2. Aging- Like wine, all cigars will improve with age if stored properly

Cigar Etiquette & Handling

Inspect Cigar

1. Make sure cigar has no cracks or holes

2. Make sure cigar has been properly stored in a humidifier

3. Smell tee cigar, make sure there are no "off" odors

4. Do not lick or moisten the length of the cigar

The Cigar Cut

1. Guillotine, v-cut, hole-punch or bullet

2. Do not bite off the end


1. Slowly rotate the end, do not burn...caramelize

2. Matches or a butane lighter are ok, gas lighter is a NO NO


1. Remember, you're not a chimney

2. Not wise to inhale

3. Taste & roll the smoke

Deamer 4/2/97