Other Reds


A variety grown throughout Bordeaux, though it is only planted irregularly in the Medoc, and increasingly less so in Graves It really fares best as Bouchet in St.-Emilion and Pomerol across the Dordogne river, where the Cabernet sauvignon is less well represented. Grown under neutral conditions, it might not be easy to distinguish any significant varietal differences between the two Cabernets but, suited as they are to different situations, the Cabernet franc tends to produce a slightly earthy style of wine that is very aromatic, but has less fine characteristics on the palate when compared to the Cabernet sauvignon. It is quite successful on its own in the Loire regions of Chinon and Bourgueil, where it really shows its black pepper quality.
Synonyms: Bouchet. Bouchet sauvignon, Breton, Cabernet, Cabernet gris Carmenet. Gros bouchet, Gros, Gros cabernet, Gros vidure, Petit-fer, Veron