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Sanoviv Breakthrough on MS:
Dr. Myron Wentz founder of Usana Health Science and the Sanoviv Medical Institute announced this week that two types of stem cell research have started at Sanoviv. Even more exciting to him are some potential breakthroughs in treatment of MS. Following the research of a Italian doctor on the potential of hampered blood flow to the brain of MS patients, Sanoviv did testing on an advanced MS patient who was found to have 80% blockage in her vein feeding her brain blood. This blockage is treatable. Also Dr. Wentz is about to produce a natural supplement, which assists MS patient immune function. Dr. Wentz sees the combination of these two therapies as a revolutionary breakthrough for those suffering from MS.This is especially good news since Dr. Drake and Stanford's similar efforts were recently shut down.

Wall Street Journal Article on Stanford (Dr. Drake) program -PDF