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Balance is the Goal

Balance is key when it comes to oxidative stress. The anecdote I've told offers a useful analogy. Our body is always trying to put enough brass weights (antioxidants) on one tray to balance out all of the silver coins (free radicals). The body makes some of those antioxidants, but they are simply not enough. Our food, especially fruits and vegetables, used to provide all the extra antioxidants our bodies needed. A generation or two ago, people ate more whole, fresh foods that contain significantly more antioxidants than today's diet does. But as a result of the tremendous increase in the toxins in our environment today, along with the depleted nutrients we receive from our highly processed foods, our scale is out of balance-in favor of the silver coins (free radicals).

We need to add nutritional supplements to the balance in order to provide the level of antioxidants our bodies need. In fact we want the brass weights to tip the scale in its favor because then we won't have oxidative stress.

Remember, there are two sides of the coin: the amount of free radicals our bodies have to deal with and an optimized antioxidant/repair system. ... an individual can improve your antioxidant defense system by eating a healthy diet, exercising moderately, and taking high-quality nutritional supplements. can even regain your health if you have already lost it.

"What Your Doctor Doesn't Know About Nutritional Medicine May Be Killing You."
Dr. Ray Strand