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Preventing Degenerative Disease

Psychiatric Problems and Nutrition/Allergies

"We are a stressed-out society. And our habits of overwork, not enough sleep, too much coffee, too much sugar, refined foods, junk food that we use to temporarily relieve our stress, exposure to environmental toxins, and silent infections push us to burnout." Mark Hyman MD The UltraMind Solution:

Depression - Why exercise and fish oil are often more effective treatments for depression than antidepressants.
Stress and Anxiety - Finding the biochemical antidote.
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder - Are bad bugs talking to your brain driving you crazy?
Schizophrenia - Can zinc really cure psychosis?

Brain Fog/Chronic Fatigue - How food allergies may be affecting your ability to focus. Mark Hyman MD The UltraMind Solution: