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Free Radicals - A cinder from the fireplace
Dr Ray Strand poetically relates a free radical to a cinder that is thrown from an open fireplace and singes our carpet. Ninety Eight percent of the time the fireplace burning in each of our cells cleanly burns the oxygen our bodies bring to it. The full complement of four electrons needed to reduce oxygen to water does not always happen and a free radical is produced that can damage our bodies like a cinder can damage the carpet. This dark side of our body's need and processing of oxygen is known as oxidative stress. It is now clear that if our bodies defense systems are not able to keep up with oxidative stress, then our bodies will be damaged; eventually leading to degenerative disease.

Contributors to the creation of free radicals/oxidative stress:
- Excessive Stress
- Air Pollution
- Cigarette Smoke
- Pollution of our Food and Water
- Ultraviolet Sunlight
- Medications and Radiation
- Excessive Exercise

Concept of Oxidative Stress
Even though oxygen is necessary for life itself, it is inherently dangerous for our existence. In the process of utilizing oxygen within your cells to create energy, you also create a by-product referred to as free radicals. Free radicals are charged oxygen molecules that are missing at least one electron and desire to get an electron from the surrounding area. If it is not readily neutralized by an antioxidant, which has the ability to give this free radical the electron it desires, it can go on to create more volatile free radicals, damage the cell wall, vessel wall, proteins, fats, and even the DNA nucleus of the cell. So the same process that turns a cut apple brown or rusts metal is causing you to rust inside. In fact, the medical literature now shows us that over 70 chronic degenerative diseases are the result of this process. Diseases like coronary artery disease, cancer, diabetes, Parkinson's, arthritis, macular degeneration, MS, lupus, among others are the result of small oxidative changes that occur over a long period of time.

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