Liquor & Spirit

Drink Recipes


Adam's Califorian Fantasy
Alabama Slammer
Alpine Glow
Around the World
Barbary Coast Cocktail
Bazooka Highball
Beachcomber Cocktail
Bermuda Cocktail
Biarritz Cocktail
Brazil Cocktail
Cubano Cocktail
Daiquiri Cocktail
Daiquiri Crustas
Doctor Cocktail
East Indies Cocktail
Frozen Daiquiri
Havana Cocktail
Hawii Cocktail
Honey Bee Cocktail
Honolulu Cocktail
Ice Tea
Kench's Banana Milk shake
Kench's Jamacian Specialty
Kench's Jamacian Thirst Quencher
Orange Dog, Yellow Boat
Pearl Harbor
Pina Colada
Rainbow Cocktail
Rainbow Pousse Cafe
Rob Chatfield's Berry Delight
Rob Chatfield's Creamy Vacation in Malibu, with the Captian
Rob Chatfield's Hawaiin Vacation
Rob Chatfield's Icy Vacation in Malibu, with the Captian
Santiago Cocktail
Sean's Honeymoon
Stevie K's Perfect Screw
The Alise
The Wild Alise
Tropical Cocktail